Edible Flowers: Nasturtium Leaves Dolma

Dolma or stuffed grape leaves is a popular Middle Eastern delicacy that has numerous variations today. Meat is normally used in making hot dolma and cold dolmas generally are without. I adapted a recipe from Claudia Roden’s book The New Book of Middle Eastern Food and replaced the grape leaves with nasturtium leaves.  The resulting [...]

Edible Flowers: Calendula Lavash

Lavash is a thin, soft Middle Eastern flatbread that is often served with dips and used for wraps. For my Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24 Cooking with Edible Flowers entry, I adapted a simple lavash recipe from About.com and added calendula (pot marigold) petals. Marigold or Calendula is considered a “poor man’s saffron” and I was [...]