Our Annual Shindig: 70s Disco Party – Part 1


Yep.  It was over. After weeks of planning and figuring out whether to do an early 70s or late 70s themed party, the Disco shindig was finally held Saturday, attended by groovy folks who probably have more memories of the 70s than I do (okay so I do have some vague memories of the 70s).  Cafe Nilson was transformed into a discotheque under the creative direction of none other than the best of the best — our good friends Rodney and Carlos. With a box of disco decor loaned from Annalee, a couple of disco lights, 70s vinyls from our local Goodwill store and blasting 70s music that definitely rang our bell,  the party room came to life like it was Studio 54!


The menu was largely based on popular foods of the 70s:  quiche, “make your own” salad, casserole and of course, FONDUE — taken from the 1970s Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library and reinvented a little bit to ensure edibility. (We wanted our guests to be able to party in the atmosphere of the 70s, as well as eat and enjoy the food! ) For appetizers, we served Petite Quiche (courtesy of Costco) and Mini Burgers inspired by Betty’s Make-Ahead Hamburger Mix Variations (recipe #5 under Hurry-Up Main Dishes”). There was nothing ‘hurried-up’ about this dish as the mini burger buns were homemade. We did cheat on the burgers by using Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs cut in half. (Sandra Lee would have been proud!)


Since we have mini quiche appetizers, we decided not to serve regular sized Quiche Lorraine but instead served Spinach with Kielbasa Quiche and a No Crust Salmon quiche.



The main dishes consisted of 70s favorites Beef Stroganoff with Noodles, Mixed Sausages (do you remember those mini sausages in toothpicks sticking out of a foil-covered cabbage like it’s some king of alien food?) and Chicken Ala King topped with Buttermilk Biscuits. (The original Betty Crocker recipe was called “Ways with Leftover Chicken” another dish in the Hurry-Up Main Dish category and no, I did not serve leftover chicken covered with pastry!!)



Another popular food fad in the 70s was  “make your own” meal which included tacos and salads. We set up a “Make your own salad” bar with trimmings like boiled eggs, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and bacon. Assorted dressings were served in their own bottles.


Wait….there’s more! Tomorrow, we’ll showcase our Cheese Fondue with Bread Bits, Meatballs and of course, Dessert.

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» jenn said: { Aug 10, 2009 - 07:08 }

Wow…can’t wait for part 2. I’d literally be standing at that table the whole time just munch on everything there. I love the LPs on the wall. ;-)

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