Teochew Spiral Mooncake (Thousand Layer Flake Mooncake)


This teochew style flaky mooncake is usually made with yam paste filling. But when I served this at my Mooncake and Tea Party for Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24, I used red bean paste filling.  I learned how to make this flaky pastry last year from Aunty Yochana’s blog.  Although eventually I experimented with different fillings and pastry flavor, this recipe is an excellent one to start with.

Teochew style mooncake consists of layers of mooncake skin similar to puff pastry. The spiral mooncake uses  a combination of an oil based and a water based dough rolled together, then sliced and carefully wrapped over your choice of filling.  The pastry is then deep fried  until golden brown.  This results in a slightly crunchy skin and, if done right, an impressive looking cake. As you can see from my pictures, I have yet to perfect this.  :) For the baked version, try the Green Tea Spiral Mooncake recipe.


Water dough:

  • 200 g all purpose flour
  • 1/2 tsp white vinegar
  • 50 g shortening
  • 30 g sugar
  • 50 g water

Mix all ingredients in a bowl until it forms a soft dough. Let rest for 20 minutes before dividing into 4  portions (or more depending on the size of pastry you want). Set aside.

Oil Dough:

  • 180 g all purpose flour
  • 100 g shortening

Combine all ingredients and divide into the same number of portions as the water dough.


To assemble spiral mooncake:

  1. Wrap water dough over oil dough (as in a ball).  Roll out  into a long rectangle and then roll up like a swiss roll.
  2. Roll out flat again and then roll into a swiss roll again (altogether two times).
  3. Cut the roll into 8 pieces.
  4. With spiral side facing up, roll out the cut dough large enough to cover the filling. Wrap over filling.  Do the same with the rest of the dough.
  5. Deep fry in medium hot oil until golden brown.

For filling, you can use this lotus paste filling or a red bean paste filling.


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» Choosy Beggar Tina said: { Sep 28, 2009 - 07:09 }

What lovely mooncakes! I’ve never had a flaky mooncake before, but now I’d really like to….your little spiral gems look absolutely divine!

» Carlos said: { Sep 29, 2009 - 12:09 }

Still looks great to me! By the way, my oven’s not working so I’ve been using my turbo broiler. Alas, it cooks through my food for the gods only halfway through and I have to turn the cake upside down to cook the other side!!!!!! And I thought you can use a turbo oven for making cakes? Any suggestions?

» virtual chef said: { Sep 29, 2009 - 07:09 }

thanks, Tina!

Carlos: thank you. i’ve never baked on a turbo oven (i don’t think i even own one! :) ) but i suspect it functions the same as a convection oven which uses fans. i emailed you a link on how to cook with a convection oven. it might help. that’s a bummer when the oven doesn’t work. :(

» sizzlechef said: { Sep 29, 2009 - 08:09 }

Looks nice. Thank you for sharing. Cheers !

» Jessica said: { Sep 29, 2009 - 09:09 }

These are definitely impressive, are you kidding! Very cool. I will have to try these!

» George@CulinaryTravels said: { Sep 29, 2009 - 09:09 }

My goodness, that is beautiful.

» Laura Laurentiu said: { Sep 29, 2009 - 03:09 }

It looks great and the procedure is very intersting! Congratulations!

» Jessie said: { Sep 29, 2009 - 03:09 }

great recipe! I love how they look like pastry puffs but they are really mooncakes

» Claudia said: { Sep 29, 2009 - 03:09 }

How lovely these look! And I love their title! So whimsical and sweet as they are! Lovely, lovely ckaes!

» FRESH LOCAL AND BEST said: { Sep 29, 2009 - 05:09 }

This is gorgeous and looks like so much fun to serve!

» penny aka jeroxie said: { Sep 29, 2009 - 07:09 }

this looks like lovely balls of yoyo! Not sure why. I want some!

» MaryMoh said: { Sep 29, 2009 - 09:09 }

Looks very lovely. The layers look very cool. I would love to have some.

» Alta said: { Sep 30, 2009 - 07:09 }

These are so pretty!

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