Creamy Bay Scallops and Clam Soup

My housemates are tired of canned soup.  Yep.  Mutiny. Hubby gave me a strained look when I asked , “soup for lunch?” Which nowadays meant canned whatever.   So I quickly checked my freezer and pantry.  Found some frozen bay scallops, can of minced clams, frozen winter vegetables, leftover sour cream and shredded cheese. Just had [...]

Lamb Burgers with Slaw on Ciabatta

Quick and easy lunch. Great for the summer but nothing wrong in having it even in the cold of winter. These burgers are seasoned mediterranean style and slathered with tatziki instead of mayo or mustard. Serve with  quick slaw on homemade ciabatta bread. LAMB BURGERS Ingredients: 500 grams ground lamb 2 tsp ground cinnamon 1 [...]