Creamy Bay Scallops and Clam Soup

My housemates are tired of canned soup.  Yep.  Mutiny. Hubby gave me a strained look when I asked , “soup for lunch?” Which nowadays meant canned whatever.   So I quickly checked my freezer and pantry.  Found some frozen bay scallops, can of minced clams, frozen winter vegetables, leftover sour cream and shredded cheese. Just had [...]

Zuni Ricotta Gnocchi: The First Daring Cooks Challenge

The Daring Cooks? Yes, that’s the new group formed when the Daring Bakers moved to their new home–a snazzy-looking new website with lots of new perks!. We were given the opportunity to join and be part of a new monthly challenge daring our culinary prowess. Ah, heck! If you love to cook and play around [...]